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Soy may improve quality of life during menopause
When given in adequate doses to postmenopausal women, soy that contains isoflavone
improves menopausal symptoms and related quality of life, according to new research re
"This is important because a lot of women are looking for a natural alternative to estrogen
Dupree, from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, discussed the results of the
Studies on the benefits of soy for relieving menopausal symptoms have produced mixed
"We performed an independent analysis on the product," Dupree said, and then randomly assigned 43 postmenopausal women
All of the women completed a menopause-specific quality-of-life questionnaire at the beginning of the study and again after 6
Compared with placebo therapy, soy therapy led to a 40-percent reduction in psychosocial complaints involving mood and
"At this point, we are pretty happy about the results and think that soy, in adequate doses, may show some improvement in
replacement therapy and our results suggest that soy is an option," Dr. Kendall Dupree said.
study during a briefing with reporters on Sunday in San Diego at ENDO 2005, the Endocrine
Society's 87th annual meeting.
results. In the current study, Dupree's group used a standardized soy product, sold online a
Revival, which contains 160 milligrams of total isoflavones, soy-derived antioxidants.
to the soy product or placebo daily for three months. The average age of the women was 55 years and they had been off
hormone replacement therapy for at least six months prior to entering the study.
weeks and 3 months.
depression, a 36-percent reduction in hot flashes and night sweats, as well as and a 30-percent reduction in other physical
symptoms, primarily low energy, Dupree reported.
quality of life in women who have postmenopausal complaints," she said.